Final Round of Showers Before the Weekend has Arrived

March 26th, 2021
Central Wyoming has seen a good bit of snow shower activity to kick off Friday, but now it is...
Central Wyoming has seen a good bit of snow shower activity to kick off Friday, but now it is beginning to wane. The Southeastern part of the state has not seen much yet, and it is now beginning to pick up.(KGWN)
Published: Mar. 26, 2021 at 12:02 PM CDT
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Most of the weekends in the month of March this year had some form of snow, with the weekend of March 13th and 14th bringing a historic storm to the Cowboy State. That trend looks to be broken this weekend as sunshine and above average temperatures take over for the final weekend of the month, encouraging Wyomingites to enjoy the great outdoors the state has to offer. But before all that arrives, we get one more taste of winter weather, and it’s likely to be the second to last one for the month of March (next Monday night/Tuesday morning may bring more snow showers).

There were a few isolated showers Thursday evening and into the overnight hours, but not quite as many as anticipated, continuing the overall dry trend of the La Niña winter. But as the winds shifted from the southwest to the north, the cold front passed through, and snow activity began to once again pick up in the middle of the state, bringing Casper some early morning snow and much of Fremont County snow into the early lunchtime hours. Now that snow seems to be lightening up, and the focus now shifts to Southeast Wyoming.

Cheyenne has not yet been hit with snow, and Laramie has seen very little. But that looks to change through the rest of the afternoon and evening as more showers pop up in the region. The Nebraska Panhandle woke up to some rain showers, and that activity has become more widespread as we head into the afternoon hours as well, with some of those showers turning into a warm and wet snow while others are shifting from snow into rain. These showers will remain possible into the early overnight hours tonight, but by tomorrow morning all should be clear with just a few clouds remaining ahead of a warm and breezy afternoon.

Accumulations from these showers will be minimal: nobody in Central or Eastern Wyoming should see even an inch of accumulation, however the western portions of the state did receive a bit more than that on Thursday ahead of the cold front. Wet roads could turn a bit icy early Saturday morning, however once the sun is out and temperatures rise it will quickly melt, and roads should dry relatively easily given the dry climate.

Winds speeds on Saturday will be over 15 mph for most locations, with Cheyenne and Laramie likely to see sustained speeds over 20 mph during the afternoon hours from the northwest. Casper will be spared the strong breezes on Saturday, but once winds shift back to the southwest heading into Sunday, much more powerful breezes will move into the middle of the state, bringing borderline windy conditions to the Oil City and much of Natrona County. Cheyenne will see a break from the winds on Sunday as temperatures climb into the upper 50s, however Laramie will still be dealing with decent breezes, only this time from the southwest. Winds should not be powerful enough this weekend to cause any Light and High Profile closures, however. Monday could be the next time we see those.

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