Brrr! It Feels Like Winter Again!

April 19th, 2021
The northern and central portions of Wyoming have been seeing snow since the overnight hours...
The northern and central portions of Wyoming have been seeing snow since the overnight hours and thus the remaining totals are to be added to what we have already seen. Southeast Wyoming hasn't seen much yet, and therefore Laramie could see up to 5" of accumulations. Cheyenne could see 3" but will likely see less.(KGWN)
Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 12:11 PM CDT
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Despite there being several waves of snowfall last week, it never felt all that cold outside. Things even warmed up over the weekend as the sun made an appearance on Saturday and even more so on Sunday as temperatures in much of Wyoming climbed above the 50 degree mark. Enter today, where a cold front that moved through overnight has slashed afternoon temperatures in half and brought a cold, drier snowfall reminiscent of a wintertime storm. The arctic air will unfortunately decrease the amount of drought relief this snow brings us, but it will support more accumulations thanks to higher snow ratios.

There are no extreme amounts of snow expected with todays system, however some locations could see 4-5 inches of snowfall, including Casper, Thermopolis, and Laramie. Casper will see snowfall throughout the majority of the daylight hours as the precipitation slowly moves southeast, while Laramie will see most of it during the later hours of the day. The one place that is forecast to see almost 4 inches of snow but likely won’t is Cheyenne, which tends to avoid big hits with systems from the north.

Cheyenne’s primary issue with northerly storms is the fact that the Laramie Mountains are just to the west. These typically will work like a snow shadow where the western side of them will see a lot more snow than the eastern side when the front comes at them from the northwest. Models also tend to overestimate how early the snow will reach Cheyenne by a couple of hours, which also will end up reducing total accumulations. Cheyenne should remain under 3 inches for today, and given the warmth of yesterday accumulations may not begin immediately either.

Snow will last through the daylight hours today before scattering overnight, then things will begin to warm back up a bit tomorrow with a slight chance for some isolated showers in the afternoon, most of which will be in the northeastern corner of the state. The next round of snow looks to be some scattered showers along the I-80 corridor on Wednesday thanks to another system that will be hitting Central Colorado.

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