User groups pushing for a second sheet of ice at Casper Ice Arena

A second sheet of ice is being discussed as a possibility at the Casper Ice Arena, and one of the men leading the charge believes it is an opportunity for “community development.”
Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 8:53 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Casper has a strong ice sports community, and it’s currently pushing for a second sheet of ice at the Casper Ice Arena.

If you stop by the ice arena after a school day, you’ll see the ice will be crowded until at least 11 P.M. each evening. This is one of the reasons that there is momentum to put in a second sheet of ice.

“I think probably the biggest help would be is for the kiddos to get off the ice sooner than 10 or 11 PM on a school night, so that’s first and foremost,” said Casper Parks and Recreation Director Tim Cortez. “The second thing is it would allow some growth in some of our programs.”

Casper Amateur Hockey Club President Pat Bower is one of the people leading the charge to put in a second sheet of ice. He said his kids may play hockey, but his mission is to push this forward because “it’s still good for the community.”

“With a second sheet of ice, we would be one of the only, we’d be the only, basically as a regional facility, to have two sheets of ice under one roof within almost a thousand mile radius,” said Bower.

Bower referenced how sports tourism is a growing industry, and a second sheet of ice would expand the opportunities to host tournaments in Casper, which would benefit more than just the ice arena.

Cortez said that two to three tournaments, which is more than the usual one, could become a “real deal” if a second sheet of ice was installed.

For Bower though, this is an opportunity to improve the community of Casper. “It creates a huge level of community development, and it brings opportunity to Casper from people just moving in, tourism and people coming in here,” said Bower. “Realistically, it can become a hub and a center for that community.”

Both Bower and Cortez pointed to David Street Station as a model of how the project could be feasible and attract visitors to the community.

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