Teachers use WySLICE to bring computer science to classrooms

24 educators from across the state of Wyoming participated in the first WySLICE session, and learning from each other is one of the things that helped spark interesting ways to integrate computer science into Wyoming classrooms.
Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 6:17 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The WySLICE program gave teachers the opportunity to learn more about computer science and how to integrate it into their classrooms, and 24 educators from around the state participated in the first session.

A few of those educators said the group buy-in is what will help benefit Wyoming students the most. “Having more minds around something and that collaboration is always helpful,” said Beitel Elementary in Laramie’s Crystal Graf.

Glenrock second grade teacher Jenifer Albrandt agreed. “Any time educators get together there’s so much we gain from each individual person’s knowledge, and it is invaluable,” said Albrandt.

Albrandt has always considered herself a technology leader, yet she still sought out WySLICE to learn what would be expected for her to teach second graders.

“The biggest thing that I gained is that it wasn’t really about specific programs or specific things that we’re using,” said Albrandt. “It was teaching students to really learn how to problem solve using technology.”

Graf said WySLICE opened her eyes to how her third-grade students could use technology responsibly. “I think my students have a much better understanding now of what computers actually do,” said Graf. “What components live inside of them that allow them to do the processing and also how humans use computers to support them. Not that computers do things for them.”

Tim George is the media director at North Evanston Elementary in Evanston, and he teaches computer science to kindergarten through fifth grade. He said what he learned from WySLICE helped him engage more with his students, who tell him their going to be ranchers.

“You can be a rancher, but you need the computer science because now all of your equipment runs on computer circuits,” said George.

He said it makes him feel good when he’s able to connect with students and help them see the value of computer science. “It’s the proverbial mic drop,” said George when students finally understand.

All of the teachers encouraged other teachers to look out for opportunities, like WySLICE, to grow and keep learning themselves.

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