The Rain has Arrived

April 27th, 2021
Most of Wyoming will see some form of rainfall between now and Wednesday morning, with the most...
Most of Wyoming will see some form of rainfall between now and Wednesday morning, with the most rain expected in the southeast corner of the state. Laramie will likely see the rain shift into snow sometime late in the evening as temperatures approach the freezing point.(KGWN)
Published: Apr. 27, 2021 at 11:53 AM CDT
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The coolest day of the foreseeable future has arrived as showers began to pick up around the state this morning. The low pressure system has begun to strengthen off to the southeast over Kansas and Nebraska, and temperatures have dropped thanks to a cold front. However they have not dropped so much that we will see snow; the spring warmth finally has enough of a grip on the state that we are finally seeing widespread rain, bringing on of the best opportunities for drought relief since the major snowstorm in mid March.

Showers have been seen in northern and Central Wyoming so far today, and for the middle of the state they are expected to hang around into the later afternoon hours before tapering off ahead of tonight. Unfortunately the middle of the state that still needs more drought relief isn’t expecting more than about .1 inches of rainfall between now and tomorrow morning, but at least these showers are better than nothing. The rain is also a welcome sight for anyone who is sick of seeing snow and is ready for the warmth to stick around.

Around the time the showers will begin to lose their organization over the middle of the state the heavy rain will begin to take over in the southeastern corner. Cheyenne is forecast to be the wet spot for this event, tallying more than an inch of rainfall accumulation between now and tomorrow morning. Laramie is also forecast to be a wet spot as well, forecast to receive a little less than an inch. The thing about Laramie however is there is likely to be a rain to snow transition sometime during the evening as temperatures drop into the mid 30s. This is of course thanks to the higher elevation of the town. Speaking of higher elevations, Laramie is under a Winter Weather Advisory, as are the Sierra Madre Mountains. The Snowy Range is under a Winter Storm Warning. All of these are set to expire at 6:00 am on Wednesday as the system moves out.

During the evening hours today parts of Southeast Wyoming as well as the Nebraska Panhandle may see a bit of lightning and thunder as well as some small hail. Severe weather isn’t really expected with this system; things are still too cold to provide the convective energy for larger hail or a tornado threat. As the overnight hours arrive the chances for thunder will diminish and stratiform, relaxing rainfall will takeover through much of the night for the region. Again, this is expected to clear out by tomorrow morning. Wednesday afternoon looks to bring sunshine back to much of the state, with cloud cover hanging around the southeastern corner a bit longer. This will limit warming in the afternoon to the mid-upper 50s for highs while the middle and northern parts of Wyoming will climb into the lower to mid 60s.

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