Plenty of Opportunity for Drought Relief

May 3rd, 2021
Monday is expected to be filled with a cold rain and a wet snow for Southeastern Wyoming with a...
Monday is expected to be filled with a cold rain and a wet snow for Southeastern Wyoming with a few straggling showers further off to the north. Higher elevations have a better chance of seeing snow instead of rain.(KGWN)
Published: May. 3, 2021 at 11:58 AM CDT
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The first weekend of May was quite warm, with upper 70s and lower 80s for high temperatures in many locations around Wyoming on Saturday. That cooled a bit on Sunday into the 60s, but that cooling trend has continued into the start of the work week, leading to a chilly and wet start for the first week of May. There were showers overnight in the northern and central portions of the state, however the southeastern corner of Wyoming will be seeing the cold rain/wet snow stick around through the afternoon hours of Monday while the rest of the state deals with cloudy skies.

Laramie is seeing nothing but snow on this Monday thanks to its higher elevation, keeping temperatures just above the freezing point. This will limit accumulations, but for anyone ready for spring/summer weather that is over the snow, you’ll have to continue to wait. Cheyenne could see a bit of a mix, however it seems as though the precipitation for the Capital City will be predominantly rain, albeit a very cold one. Temperatures are expected to hover in the upper 30s and maybe crack the 40 degree mark. With a northeast wind and cloudy skies with the persistent rain, however, that will not be an easy mark to reach. If there should end up being snow in Cheyenne, accumulations will not be a concern given temperatures remaining above freezing as well as the warmth from over the weekend keeping ground temperatures up just a bit.

Once Monday passes, the stratiform rainfall for the week will be done. There are plenty of shower and thunderstorm opportunities beginning on Tuesday, however, with the thunderstorm chances being higher in the more northern locations of the state. These will also not be accounted for on the drought monitor released Thursday; that data is cut off on Tuesday at 6:00 am MDT. Casper is expected to see highs in the upper 50s on Tuesday, with places like Sheridan cracking the 60 degree mark. These temperatures will be warm enough to allow for convection and thus some thundershowers will be possible during the afternoon and evening hours. Cheyenne could still see showers on Tuesday as well, however with a high of about 54 thunder may be hard to come by, though not impossible. Laramie will again be one of the colder spots due to its elevation, and a rain/snow mix would not be surprising with showers that pass through the area.

Wednesday brings another opportunity for showers and storms, though as of now it looks as though there will be a bit less of them and temperatures may be a couple degrees cooler than Tuesday, limiting further thunderstorm activity. Cloud cover on Wednesday may not be as much of a blanket either as the trough lifts in the western half of the country and a short ridging pattern builds in ahead of the weekend. This will allow for a rapid warmup for Thursday and Friday before another system rolls in next weekend.

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