Scattered Showers and Storms Expected Through Wednesday

May 4th, 2021
The Opening to Weather Segments
The Opening to Weather Segments(KGWN)
Published: May. 4, 2021 at 11:55 AM CDT
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We began the week on a chilly note with temperatures hanging below the 50 degree mark for most of Wyoming, and the southeast corner remained below the 40 degree mark as a cold rain fell throughout the majority of the day. Things are warming up now as we head into the middle of the week, but the rain chances are not over quite yet. With that being said, the rain chances left for this work week are going to be scattered versus the organized rainfall that fell on Monday. This means that drought relief with what is left this week will be very limited.

The warmer temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday (mid to upper 50s for many locations) will allow for the development of some scattered thunderstorms, which could potentially bring some very brief downpours to areas in Eastern and Central Wyoming. The storms for today have begun to fire up in the middle of the state, and they will scatter as they move off to the east and southeast. They will come in multiple rounds as well, lasting into the late evening hours with a couple of stragglers that may last into the early overnight hours. Clouds are expected to break a bit overnight once again before they fill back in ahead of Wednesday.

Wednesday’s rain chances seem to be favorable for the eastern third of the state, though thundershowers are still likely for Central Wyoming as well. Timing for these looks to be a lot earlier as well, with the precipitation firing up in Central Wyoming during the early morning hours around sunrise and moving east and southeast through the morning and into the lunchtime hours. These look to be a little less scattered and slightly larger in size than Tuesday’s storms, likely due to temperatures being a bit warmer for Wednesday afternoon. Severe weather is not expected for either day however; temperatures need to be a bit warmer before that starts to become a concern again.

The rain on Wednesday should be finished by the time the evening hours arrive, allowing for the clouds to break up ahead of the overnight hours heading into Thursday. Thursday looks to be the sunniest day Wyoming sees over the next several days, as cloud cover comes right back on Friday ahead of a windy Saturday and another rainy Sunday similar to what was seen on Monday and last Tuesday. As of now Sunday’s rain looks to be focused on Southeast Wyoming once again.

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