Wind, Severe Weather Chances Return Wednesday

May 25th, 2021
The SPC has issued a Slight Risk for severe weather Wednesday afternoon, including all of the...
The SPC has issued a Slight Risk for severe weather Wednesday afternoon, including all of the Nebraska Panhandle, Southwest South Dakota, and parts of Eastern Wyoming. Torrington, Lusk, Pine Bluffs, Wheatland, Douglas, and Newcastle are all in the highest risk zone.(KGWN)
Updated: May. 25, 2021 at 11:57 AM CDT
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The weather outside today is absolutely terrific. Temperatures are climbing into the 70s, sunshine is abundant, and overall winds are much calmer than what much of the state dealt with to kick off the last week of May. This pattern has been a long time coming with all of the stormy weather seen lately, and the good news is it’s not over for this week. It will, however, have a break in the middle of it as cloud cover returns overnight and and storm chances ramp up slightly for Wednesday. Most of that rain will take place in the Panhandle of Nebraska and further east, but Eastern Wyoming will see some of it.

As mentioned above, cloud cover will fill in over most of Wyoming during the late evening and overnight hours tonight, bringing blanket conditions to much of the state. This is unfortunate given the May’s Full Moon tonight. Looking ahead into Wednesday, rain chances are escalating slightly in the far eastern counties of Wyoming, and severe weather is once again on the table. The risk zone is similar to what we saw on Sunday, only this time extending much further north. Wyoming will see a Slight (Level 2) Risk for Pine Bluffs, Goshen County, Lusk, Eastern Converse County, and Weston County, while Cheyenne, Laramie, Casper, and Riverton all fall under the Marginal (Level 1) Risk. All of the Panhandle also falls under the Slight Risk zone with parts of Central Nebraska under the Enhanced (Level 3) Risk. Primary dangers for tomorrows severe weather are strong gusts and hail, but anyone under the slight risk zone or higher also runs the risk for an isolated tornado.

Rain chances outside of East Wyoming will be sparse, however they are still there. This includes locations such as Casper, Laramie, and Riverton, with even Cheyenne a bit limited in it’s opportunity. Pine Bluffs will likely see some storm activity, however, as will the eastern half of Laramie County. What Casper and Riverton miss in rain will be made up in wind as those Wyoming Winds return for another round Wednesday afternoon, albeit not as widespread this time. Casper and Rawlins will likely see the worst of the wind, with things not being as bad in Riverton and Douglas. For Douglas however if the wind does pick up quite a bit from the southwest this will bring good news in regards to severe weather, as the southwesterly flow will practically kill any chance for tornadic activity. It’s the locations with winds from the south or especially the south-southeast that will run a higher risk. This primarily applies to Nebraska and parts of South Dakota, though Torrington and Lusk may be involved in this as well.

Following the return of the weekend theme on Wednesday the sunshine will return Thursday, with cloud cover breaking up Wednesday evening. For those who miss the full moon tonight you should be able to see it Wednesday night once the storm activity calms down. Sunshine is expected to hang around the rest of the week following Wednesday before storm chances ramp up Saturday and through Memorial Day Weekend.

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