Sunshine Returns before Memorial Weekend Storms

May 27th, 2021
The Opening to Weather Segments
The Opening to Weather Segments(KGWN)
Updated: May. 27, 2021 at 11:54 AM CDT
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On Wednesday Eastern Wyoming and especially the Nebraska Panhandle got very lucky. There were several ingredients at play for a decent severe weather outbreak. But the amount of storms was rather limited thanks to high level clouds that refused to break during the afternoon, limiting surface heating and thus limiting storm potential. The atmosphere was like a string of firecrackers. But the match was never fully lit, and the fuse never fully burned. There was only one tornado warning in the area in Sioux county NE, and nothing ever touched down. There were, however, a handful of severe thunderstorms with decent gusts and some hail. That trend is now coming to an end for the rest of the month.

High pressure returns to Wyoming today to keep things sunny, and while temperatures outside might be a few degrees cooler than yesterday, it most certainly feels warmer with the sun beating down. Some scattered clouds are bound to build in during the afternoon hours, but the sun won’t go away until late Friday afternoon ahead of a wet weekend. Friday will be a little more active weather-wise than today, as some strong breezes return to Central and Western Wyoming and warmer temperatures lead to more cloud cover and some isolated showers and storms. Severe weather is not really expected for Friday, though at this time Northeast Wyoming is under a Marginal Risk for severe storms. The risks will likely be small hail and strong wind gusts.

Saturday is when the rainy weather begins to move in as the jet stream dips to the north. The influence of the jet stream is weakening as it retreats to the north for the summer months into Canada, but wind flow aloft follows what it does and even a dip to the south in the flow can generate a disturbance. Fortunately cooling temperatures as the weekend progresses will limit severe weather chances, especially on Sunday when the most rain is expected. Temperatures will hang in the 60s on Saturday before the mid 50s and low 60s return on Sunday, bringing about the coolest conditions Wyoming has seen in over a week. The rain will continue to be beneficial to the state, helping drought conditions ahead of fire weather season. Wyoming has been very lucky in this regard; many western states are still dealing with very severe drought heading into the summer months, and the fire season is expected to be worse than the 2020 record setter just last summer.

Rain chances on Memorial Day itself seem to be dropping as the weekend approaches, with the Euro slowly backing off and the American now ditching them completely in favor of a sunny day that would allow for gathering and grilling out. Warmer temperatures and sunshine are expected to return next week, which will be pleasant much like this week has been ahead of the next potential severe weather system, whenever that may be.

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