The Pattern Shift is Underway

June 2nd, 2021
The rest of the first week of June will be filled with sun and heat as a pattern shift rapidly...
The rest of the first week of June will be filled with sun and heat as a pattern shift rapidly warms things over the northern plains of the US. Wyoming is expected to see scorching heat and hazardous conditions.(KGWN)
Updated: Jun. 2, 2021 at 12:18 PM CDT
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Wyoming has seen plenty of cloud cover lately thanks to a pattern shift over Memorial Day Weekend that brought several opportunities for rain to the Cowboy State. Some locations began to see that cloud cover break on Monday while others have had to deal with it both days so far this week. That pattern is breaking and with the beginning of June now here it’s about to begin to feel like summer outside. Unlike in 2020 when the first week of June brought a cold front to the state that dropped temperatures several degrees and brought a bit of snow, the first week of the month this year is bringing in late July feels with temperatures soaring towards the mid 90s for many parts of the state before the weeks end.

A major ridging pattern is building over the western US, bringing in sunny skies and high pressure, especially dominant over the northernmost areas such as Montana. The heat will build in over Montana first and winds from the north, which typically bring in cooler air to the state, will actually be advecting warm air into Wyoming through the rest of the work week. Rain will be scarce around the state through the rest of the week, especially for Eastern and Central Wyoming that will be seeing the temperature extremes. Luckily recent trends with rain have improved drought conditions around the state, with only Southwestern Carbon and far Southeastern Sweetwater Counties stills seeing Extreme Drought conditions. The same cannot be said for much of the western US.

It works out well too heading towards the weekend as Free Fishing Day is Saturday, June 5th. It will be a fantastic day on the water around the state as temperatures hang in the 90s for many locations and the upper 80s for others. But the heat wave will begin to arrive a few days before, and it’s a good idea to be prepared for the sweltering conditions ahead of the weekend so major sunburns can be avoided among other hazards. UV indices will be above 10.0 for much of Wyoming the rest of the week as the sunshine beats down and the heat builds in from the north. What this means is that time in direct sunlight should be limited, especially for those who are sensitive to it. Multiple applications of sunblock will be necessary for anyone spending the daylight hours outside, and protecting one’s face from the sun with a hat is going to be essential as well. Staying hydrated is also a must; this will be a very dry heat with high pressure that builds in overhead, bringing Wyoming away from much of the humidity that has been brought on in recent days thanks to a prevailing wind flow from the southeast.

With temperatures topping in the 90s in parts of Wyoming beginning Thursday afternoon it is also important to always remember to check the back seat of your car if going into a store for an extended period of time. When temperatures reach those upper 80s and into the 90s, it takes 10 minutes or less for the inside of a car to become unbearable with temperatures over 100 degrees. This only increases further with each passing minute, and it’s especially notable in cars with darker interiors. The other thing to be aware of heading into the weekend is some areas will see a bit of wind return to the forecast. With temperatures in the 90s and some wind blowing in from the west and southwest there could be a slight rise in the fire weather threat, even with the recent drought improvements. As for Free Fishing Day on Saturday, places in Southeast Wyoming will have no issues enjoying the day with temperatures that are not as extreme, but it would be a good idea to be off the water by the afternoon hours as some storm activity is possible during the late afternoon and evening hours.

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