Regional Water System asks citizens to conserve water

Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 5:27 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Central Wyoming Regional Water is asking that Casper citizens conserve irrigation water. The Regional Water System request comes from a chemical shortage from an equipment failure from a facility in Texas.

The request does not apply to irrigation systems on raw or well water. There are several places in Casper that use raw water including: Fort Caspar, Paradise Valley Park, Casper Municipal Golf Course, Crossroads Park, Mike Lansing Field, the Ford Wyoming Center, the Skeet Range, the Air Modelers Facility, Wells Park, the North Casper Athletic Complex, and the Field of Dreams.

“We do have enough drinking water currently. We treat like 18 million more gallons a day of water to meet irrigation needs and so if we can cut back on that irrigation needs a little bit that can help them bridge that gap until we get more chemicals,” said Beth Andress, the Communications and Marketing Generalist for the City of Casper.

The chemical is used to treat water drawn from the North Platte River. During summer months, about 70 percent of water used by the Regional Water System comes from the river. All water taken from the river is treated to be used for drinking water, even if it is used for irrigation.

Cutting down on irrigation uses ensures there is enough water for every day uses.

“Our priority, the Regional Water System and the City of Casper priority is to have enough drinking water. Irrigation water comes from the same system. It all has to be the same standard at your house so our priority is number one is that people have enough to drink, to shower, to do dishes, to do things like that,” said Andress.

According to a release from Central Wyoming Regional Water System, ways to cut down on irrigation water usage include watering lawns and gardens during cooler hours, reduce the amount of water used for irrigation purposes, don’t allow water to pool in alleyways, and use a hose nozzle with an automatic shut off.

Regional Water System expects the chemical supply disruption to continue through mid-August.

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