Community Members help give a family to remodel of a lifetime

The Barkell Family from Cheyenne, WY
The Barkell Family from Cheyenne, WY(KGWN)
Published: Aug. 16, 2021 at 5:54 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The date July 22, 2021 will forever remain a day that changed the life of the Barkell family. On that day, the family was involved in a wreck. Angela Barkell and her mother Mary’s lives were ended that night, with Angela’s husband, Cheston, and their three children being sent to the hospital. The upsetting nature of the situation was felt by the community around them, leading some to step up and help.

“I just felt led to come and do like a deep clean for them, so that he didn’t have to come home to a dirty house with three kids and just so he can breathe a little bit,” said Stephanie Major, the Project Coordinator of Barkell Love and a friend of the family.

What started as a deep-clean of the house became a full-blown remodel. Through the Barkell Love Facebook group, the project expanded as friends and strangers alike contributed to the cause. How the house will look isn’t up to any of the people helping with construction, but rather what Angela had left behind.

“I started asking question like “what color paint?” or “What kind of light fixtures?” So, Angela actually left these brad crumbs behind of different paint samples and had circled them in the books and written what they were for, and she had already started kind of fixing up some things. So what we’re actually doing here is bringing Angela’s vision to life.”

The project has come along way, and much farther than many involved could have ever dreamed of. The help given out by the people around the situation gave the Barkell family the rebuild of a lifetime.

“It’s been so humbling... like really just overwhelmingly wow. It blows you away. The response has been just over the top, more than anyone could’ve ever expected.”

As of now, the goal completion time is the end of August, when the Barkell’s can finally see their loved ones dream home come to life.

You can find Barkell Love on Facebook.

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