Laramie Football seniors talk goals, building up program ahead of regular season

Published: Aug. 17, 2021 at 1:04 AM CDT
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LARAMIE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) It is the dawn of a new football era at Laramie High School. In the offseason, Coach Clint Reed resigned and the Plainsmen hired New York native Coach Ronga to take over the program.

Laramie Football has not played beyond the State Quarterfinals since 2000 and that was also the last year that LHS finished a season with more wins than losses.

Below are quotes from five Laramie Football seniors ahead of the 2021 regular season. Interviews took place on Friday, August 13.

Jackson Devine, Wide Receiver and Cornerback

“As seniors this year, with it being Coach Ronga’s first year, our main goal is to kind of just build up this program and be kind of that steppingstone to take Laramie in a new direction and be kind of that first group.”

Grahm Jaques, Linebacker and Running Back

“We’re moving in the right direction for sure. For being the first week of a new program, everybody’s trying to [learn] and they’re doing really well.”

Cooper Gray, Wide Receiver & Defensive End

“You know, I think we just got to go out there and be like leaders in the community and leaders here and it just starts now because when the younger classmen see upperclassmen being good leaders that’s what they’re going to be in the future it’s just gonna keep going like that.”

Quail Perkins, Safety and Wide Receiver

“I think it’s good to set an example. Start now maybe we go to hopefully the college here, we can come back, catch the games and see what we’ve turned in to a year down the line or something like that.”

Ethan Jenkins, Quarterback

”I just want every team knowing that they played a game against us and it wasn’t just like…we just killed Laramie and that’s it, we want to compete.”

Laramie opens the regular season at home on Friday, August 27 against Sheridan.

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