Parks Division Preps City Parks and Greenway for Fall, Winter Seasons

Published: Aug. 31, 2021 at 5:45 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Release) - While the leaves aren’t yet falling in City parks, the City of Cheyenne Parks Division is prepping for the fall and winter seasons and wants the community to be aware of their upcoming processes.

Starting in September, the Parks Division will aerate, fertilize, and spray herbicide as part of the prep, which will continue through October.

  • The core aeration procedure removes pieces of soil (think pieces the shape of apple cores, commonly seen on lawns aerated throughout the City) to allow air, water and other nutrients to penetrate deeper than the initial surface layer. Ultimately, this creates healthier root systems, which in turn improves the quality of playing fields and park grass for the spring.
  • The annual fertilizer application ensures controlled overall growth and root development. Because the fertilizer used is granular, it does not cause any harm to humans or pets; it looks like little seeds spread throughout large portions of grass. The Parks Division will apply it with large trucks and then remove any excess that falls on sidewalks or streets. However, community members should avoid the immediate area while the application is taking place.
  • The herbicide, on the other hand, is spread as a wet application that initially appears blue and takes three minutes to dry on average. This product is applied in the fall when the weeds are working overtime to store nutrients for the weather ahead. By spraying at that time, the weeds take in more of the herbicide, which ensures the entire plant is killed through the root (ensuring a one-time bulk application, limited spot spraying in the spring, and overall, more efficient use of the product). Community members and pets are asked to refrain from walking on sprayed turf until it has dried.

Once the fall preparation is completed, Parks Division staff will work on general maintenance in the parks and City-owned venues, as well as ensure equipment is ready for winter-related tasks.

For questions about the processes or timeline of the processes mentioned above, please contact Sam Payne, the Parks Division Manager, at 307-637-6433 or

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