‘The Hole’ is set to be redeveloped as a pocket park, starting in Spring 2022

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 6:38 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Hole is located beside the Hynds building in downtown Cheyenne.

“Everyone knows it, near and far, even in other states. Don’t know if that’s a good thing but that is where we are at,” said Haylee Chenchar of the Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority.

It was originally a bakery named Mary’s Bakery, but burned down in 2004 in an overnight, unsolved arson and has been a problem since.

The tenacious pursuit of the Downtown Development Authority, the City and various partnerships like WYDOT and Planning & Development of Apartments to come up with a tangible plan, is finally paying off.

“I’m really excited about all of the different tools we have in place, TIF (Tax Increment Financing) implementation, and just all of these different community players to be able to be finally address all of these problems that, you know, not just our generation, but our parents and everyone has seen for so long. I think the long-term effects of these solutions will be felt around Cheyenne and Wyoming,” said Chenchar.

TIFs are used to boost economic development through infrastructure improvement projects, like the Hitching Post or the Hynds & Hole.

Chenchar says the Hynds building and Hole go hand-in-hand, and the short-term solution is creating a pocket park in place of the hole with high-tech engineering materials.

“They are kind of like Styrofoam blocks that we can run on the corners to protect each foundation of the buildings on either side, and start filling in the hole with this material that isn’t dirt, but it is really easy to install and then remove when it is time to have that long-term solution that will be in conjunction with that sale and development of the Hynds building next door.”

Although the end goal is to eventually find a buyer for the properties, the filling of the Hole is set to start as soon as springtime.

The Downtown Development Authority is confident filling and redeveloping of the Hole will impact not just the locals, but encourage tourism efforts in our city.

“Downtown Cheyenne is the heart of Cheyenne. We have millions of tourists in a season in downtown, that that is their first impression of Cheyenne and the Capital City of Wyoming. To be able to do something with the space that is so visual and highly trafficked, I think it will really have a pay-off of people’s perceptions and first impressions,” said Chenchar.

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