Q&A with New Casper Horseheads GM Penny Flowers

The Casper Horseheads hired Penny Flowers as the team’s new general manager, and she came to the Wyoming News Now studios to answer some questions about the future of the club and why she wanted to take the job.
New Casper Horseheads General Manager Penny Flowers discusses why she joined the club during an...
New Casper Horseheads General Manager Penny Flowers discusses why she joined the club during an interview on September 14, 2021.(Will Sullins)
Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 10:01 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Casper Horseheads are a collegiate summer wood-bat team that plays in the Expedition League and calls the Oil City home. Recently, they brought in Penny Flowers to be the new general manager of the team.

Flowers sat down with Wyoming News Now’s David Graf in studio to introduce herself and talk about the future of the Horseheads.

This interview has been edited for content and clarity.

DG: You come to Casper. You’re going to be the new general manager of the Horseheads, the summer baseball team here in town. What about this job was exciting to you?

PF: To be honest with you, everything. I’ve loved baseball my whole life, and I love the history of the game. I nerd out on the stats. I love all of it, and I wanted to go into baseball coming out of college. I went [in] a different direction. I was in financial services and spent the last 10 years in real estate, but when this opportunity came up, I love this part of the country. I’ve wanted to live here and coming from Savannah, GA the jokes are writing themselves. I haven’t done a winter, but I did spend six years in Chicago. I’m a little familiar. Baseball at this level is wonderful because you get to be a part of everything. It’s a local business. Casper is a wonderful town so far. Everybody’s just great. It’s a dream. I’m fulfilling a dream. To be working in baseball with a town this size in this part of the country, it’s just terrific.

DG: What is it about baseball specifically that you love?

PF: I think it’s the greatest game in the world. There’s just something amazing about the way it’s designed. You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you try to reach these bases before someone can grab the ball and put you out. There’s just something amazing about it. I love the history of the game. I love all the details. I read all the autobiographies of all the players. I love to hear their stories. To do this at a local level, where you’re not just doing one thing off to the side, you’re kind of involved in everything, and I think people at this level still love the game. You’re also interacting with the fans and the players more at a local level.

DG: It’s definitely a love of the game here in Casper. What are some of the challenges you look forward to taking on next season with this team?

PF: I’m an optimist, so I would like everybody to come to a game. Ya know, just to get more people involved, more people coming to the games, not putting on... Well, putting on a show that entertains people. That makes people feel welcome that includes everyone. I joked about this, but I said, ‘Casper’s 60-70,000 people. If every single person came to a game, we’d have a great season. We’d sell out every game.’ There are going to be 30 home games next season. We’re doing a lot of great things. We’ve got some things to planned just to make it a great event to bring your kids and family to in the summer.

DG: What is one thing people should know about you or the Horseheads that they don’t already know?

PF: We’ve got great ownership. Jerome [Acosta] and Gyzell [Ybarra] live in this community. They’re a part of this community, and they do a lot in the community, so that’s important. They’re very familiar with doing this in towns like Casper, and they’re thrilled to be here, and I’m thrilled to be here. I just love it here, so I want to meet everybody and get to know everybody. We want to continue what they’ve done and make more people involved in what we’re doing. What should you know about me? I love history, and I love the stats. If you come up to me and I’m arguing about this thing or that thing in baseball history, that’s probably two hours of your life you won’t get back. Don’t ask me who should or shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame or all of the players in the 3,000 hit club because I’ll hold you hostage for a few hours.

DG: We won’t hold you hostage any longer. Thank you for coming in.

PF: Thank you so much, and I look forward to meeting everybody.

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