Cheyenne’s Women’s March Rally held Saturday on the steps of the Wyoming Supreme Court

The Equality state holds three Women’s Right rallies across the state
Published: Oct. 2, 2021 at 7:13 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -On Saturday, people from all over the nation came out to march for Women’s Rights, and Cheyenne was no exception.

Cheyenne’s Women’s March Rally happened at 10 am on Saturday in front of the Wyoming Supreme Court building.

Crowds gathered with signs and speakers from Doctors, Reproductive Health Experts, Advocates and citizens spoke about their experiences and expertise.

A Doctor spoke on the restriction that could be placed on them if Wyoming follows suit with other states regarding prohibitions to certain medical procedures and obstructing care for their patients.

“If the baby is not able to live after delivery, sometimes we have to deliver those babies early. Those are considered abortions by the medical terminology. So it’s important that we as physicians are not criticized or prosecuted for doing our job,” said Dr. Renee Hinkle, M.D. for Cheyenne Women’s Clinic.

Speeches also touched on access to preventative birth control that may not be affordable for some.

“Obama Care as they like to call it, did mandate that insurance companies cover birth control, but for people who don’t have insurance, it does not help them. There are many, many people who don’t have that availability. So there are definitely gaps and that is part of the problem. We need to look at this reproductive issue not just as abortion, but as all areas. As all legs of the reproductive issue,” said Hinkle.

Experts say restriction on affordable maternal, postpartum and child health care means there’s a need to expand limited Medicaid.

“Medicaid will cover a person up to giving birth and 60 days postpartum, but after that a woman loses her health care. So they have a new born baby, they’re trying to raise their families and they have no access to affordable health care,” said Marcie Kindred, from Equality State Policy Center.

Experts say restrictions on resources and access to alternatives are scarce for the folks that need them.

“It is all focused on abortion and not on how to support a Mom who doesn’t have enough money to have another child. They’re not supporting the child once the child is born. They want all babies to be born, but there is no support once that child is here,” said Hinkle

Low-income families who do not have medical insurance carry the highest cost. Even the women who do have insurance and the resources, with new legislation may see their right to privacy vanish.

“The right to privacy is at the underpinning to Roe vs. Wade and we’re seeing Roe vs. Wade threatened and all but eviscerated. The implications for womens privacy are huge,” said Sharon Breitweiser, Executive Director for Naral Pro-Choice Wyoming.

Women’s March Rallies were held in Casper, Cheyenne and Laramie.

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