Health update on Henry, the young boy in ICU following dog attack

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 2:52 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - A little over two weeks ago, Sheriff Department member Craig Lahart’s son Henry was attacked by a bull mastiff, resulting in numerous injuries. This week, Craig was able to give an update on his son’s health.

Lahart said, “my son, Henry, was involved in a dog bite incident. This happened with my other two kids out in the front yard area, riding their bicycles. I was talking to my wife on the phone, as I was up at the police academy. I could hear screaming outside, Kara went outside to see what was going on. That’s when I heard “He’s been hit! He’s been hit!”

Henry had been attacked by a bull mastiff, which weighs around 120 pounds. Once the family realized what had happened, they called an ambulance.

“First responders got there quickly, immediately took him to CRMC. Once there, I would say within 15-30 minutes, CRMC knew that he was in bad shape and needed to get to the children’s hospital in Denver.”

Henry’s injuries were significant. At this time, he’s had three injuries across the two weeks he’s been at the Children’s Hospital in Denver.

“He ended up with a shattered eye socket, cheek bone, he has a broken left jaw, the palette in the roof of his mouth is fractured, he lost four teeth during the attack, and ended up losing a couple more during surgeries, just as they were already knocked loose.”

In addition, Henry suffered a stroke, putting his motor functions at risk. While he’s got a long way to go, every day represents another step forward.

“As of now, he’s in full rehabilitation mode. We’re working with the physical therapist, we’re working with occupational therapy to gain back those functions of being down in the ICU for eleven days and having a stroke. We’re hopeful that we’re gonna get the jaw unwired, we’re gonna move to elastic bands to help secure that in. But right now, he’s fighting tooth and nail to do better and get stronger.”

The dog that caused Henry’s injuries has been confirmed to have a violent past. There’s a confirmed bite in 2018, as well as an unconfirmed bite from three moths ago when the Lahart’s neighbor took the dog in. Ten days after the incident, the dog was euthanized.

Friends of the family have created a fundraiser to assist with the hospital bills, raising nearly $20,000 to this point.

If you have any information surrounding the unconfirmed bite, the family has requested that you contact Cheyenne PD.

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