Voting on Constitutional Amendments and County questions this election

Published: Oct. 30, 2022 at 1:49 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - With ten more days until the general election, there have already been 8,000 votes cast in absentee and early voting, according to the Laramie County Clerk.

Voters will also cast ballots on two amendments and two county questions in this election.

“It has been brought to the voters now to approve the ability for local governments to invest those funds, in hopes of getting higher returns. So that we could better effectuate and spend money in our community without raising tax revenue,” said Gunnar Malm, Laramie County Commissioner.

Amendment “A” would allow the counties and cities to invest, like the state, in stocks and utilize the funds for projects and improvement.

Amendment “B” would allow Wyoming Supreme Court and District Court Judges to push back the mandatory retirement age from age 70 to 75, allowing later career judges to stay in their role longer.

These both require over a 50 percent majority vote to pass, and a non-vote counts as a no.

Laramie County Ballot measures will also ask voters to consider renewing the lodging tax paid by tourists and hotel guests.

And the one-percent general purpose sales and use tax helps fund road works and projects.

The County Clerk also wants to ensure everyone signs their affidavit on their ballot envelope.

“If that’s not signed, we are not allowed to count that, so just pay attention to the details, sign it and make sure we get it back by the deadline.”

Early voting finishes November 7th, and the voting site at the Laramie County Government County Complex will be closed on election day, November 8th.