Central Wrestling begins season with strong showing at Charlie Lake Tournament

Published: Dec. 10, 2022 at 11:53 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Wrestling season in Wyoming has just begun, but Central’s performance suggested they may already be in midseason form. The Indians had seven wrestlers with a first place finish in their weight class, and claimed the fourth spot. This ranking was the best among the Wyoming attendees.

Team Results (Boys)

1Eaton 170.0

2Thompson Valley 153.5

3Windsor 146.0

4Central 144.0

5Cheyenne East 130.5

6Scottsbluff 120.5

7Poudre 95.0

8Douglas 90.0

9Rock Springs 82.0

10Erie 81.0

11Berthoud 73.0

12Kelly Walsh 65.0

12Rawlins 65.0

14Greeley West 64.5

15Laramie 45.0

16Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast 33.01

6Torrington 33.0

Boys Results


1st Place - James Pantoja of Windsor

2nd Place - Ethan Deal of Eaton

3rd Place - Marcus Bekkedahl of Poudre

4th Place - Noah Bridgewater of Erie

5th Place - Dylan Sorensen of Kelly Walsh

6th Place - Ka K`paw Say Everest of Greeley West


1st Place - Robert Kendall of Windsor

2nd Place - Gabe Hall of Thompson Valley

3rd Place - Isael Beal of Central

4th Place - Tyler Nicolay of Torrington

5th Place - Santiago Cruz of Rock Springs

6th Place - Max Gossett of Berthoud


1st Place - Wyatt Weiss of Central

2nd Place - Julian Chavez of Greeley West

3rd Place - Christopher Gamino of Scottsbluff

4th Place - Caden Polson of Laramie

5th Place - Hayden Welton of Windsor

6th Place - Blaine Johnson of Douglas


1st Place - Jackzen Rairdon of Thompson Valley

2nd Place - Zachary Covolo of Rawlins

3rd Place - Kolby Williams of Cheyenne East

4th Place - Barrett Eichenberger of Torrington

5th Place - Zach Eaton of Windsor

6th Place - Tripp Vigil of Central


1st Place - Ramon Salazar of Erie

2nd Place - Broc Fletcher of Rock Springs

3rd Place - John Kenney of Windsor

4th Place - Cole Stokey of Ogallala

5th Place - Andrew Gonzales of Central

6th Place - Caleb Lowell of Poudre


1st Place - Kaleb Brothwell of Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast

2nd Place - Jerred Smith of Kelly Walsh

3rd Place - Patrick Preston of Eaton

4th Place - Luke Ewing of Douglas

5th Place - Nico Bekkedahl of Poudre

6th Place - Austin Muir of Erie


1st Place - Jake Hergenreter of Eaton

2nd Place - Dakota Ledford of Laramie

3rd Place - Griffen Bower of Poudre

4th Place - Bryan Morales of Scottsbluff

5th Place - Jack Wilson of Kelly Walsh

6th Place - Caleb McCollum of Erie


1st Place - Wil Moneypenny of Berthoud

2nd Place - Banks Norby of Poudre

3rd Place - Sage Lonn of Rawlins

4th Place - Liam Fox of Cheyenne East

5th Place - Carson Hageman of Erie

6th Place - Christian Johnson of Douglas


1st Place - Lane Ewing of Douglas

2nd Place - Mason Wagner of Scottsbluff

3rd Place - Alex Somer of Greeley West

4th Place - Seth Scott of Cheyenne East

5th Place - Santi Fernandez of Windsor

6th Place - Gabe LeDoux of Kelly Walsh


1st Place - Frankie Trevino of Scottsbluff

2nd Place - Kellen Engelhardt of Thompson Valley

3rd Place - Jackson Tribbett of Eaton

4th Place - Josh Smith of Rawlins

5th Place - Evan Perez of Windsor

6th Place - Sam Thornhill of Rock Springs


1st Place - Jack Ring of Central

2nd Place - Josiah Mobley of Scottsbluff

3rd Place - Colby Olson of Cheyenne East

4th Place - Brayden Schmidt of Thompson Valley

5th Place - Cale Meuchel of Windsor

6th Place - Gunnar Clary of Eaton


1st Place - Cal Sidwell of Eaton

2nd Place - Ian Dickinson of Rock Springs

3rd Place - Ronan Bittner of Thompson Valley

4th Place - Trevor Eldridge of Cheyenne East

5th Place - Trevor Moore of Berthoud

6th Place - Zeb Merriam of Windsor


1st Place - Keagan Bartlett of Central

2nd Place - Carter Archuleta of Douglas

3rd Place - Taylor Graff of Thompson Valley

4th Place - Cale Haws of Burns/Pine Bluffs

5th Place - Aiden McGrath of Berthoud

6th Place - Barak Bertoch of Wheatland


1st Place - Charlie Green of Cheyenne East

2nd Place - Sabastian Sanchez of Thompson Valley

3rd Place - Ryder True of Eaton

4th Place - Trenton Jenkins of Scottsbluff

5th Place - Landon Hanes of Sidney

6th Place - Davin Mattimoe of Central

Girls Results


1st Place - Ellyse Rimmasch of Central

2nd Place - Alycia Stoneking of Burns/Pine Bluffs

3rd Place - Gianna Gonzales of Scottsbluff


1st Place - Ailyah Serna of Greeley West

2nd Place - Angelita Valencia of Gering

3rd Place - Brook Nelsen of Berthoud

4th Place - Tristan Harns-Delahoussaye of Kelly Walsh


1st Place - Molly Hasbargen of Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast

2nd Place - Alexis Novell of Berthoud

3rd Place - Trinity Warner of South

4th Place - Violet Sanchez of Greeley West


1st Place - Abigail Vroman of Central

2nd Place - Bella Priddy of Berthoud

3rd Place - Olivia Aguilar of Gering

4th Place - Emily Reyes Rodriguez of Scottsbluff


1st Place - Avianca Guzman of Laramie

2nd Place - Trona Bates of Central

3rd Place - Kennedi Blevins of Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast

4th Place - Jadyn Holbrook of Kelly Walsh


1st Place - Hailey Medina of Gering

2nd Place - Cailynn Reko of Central

3rd Place - Daisy Lopez of Greeley West

4th Place - Riley Croft of Berthoud


1st Place - Kaiana Garlough of Central

2nd Place - Esperanza Rios of Greeley West

3rd Place - Leah Sullivan of Liberty Common

4th Place - Hannah Zotter of Berthoud


1st Place - Hannah Soden of South

2nd Place - Miah Ardis of Berthoud

3rd Place - Trista Kant of Central

4th Place - Issabelle Bailey of Greeley West


1st Place - Ariel Kumelos of Wheatland

2nd Place - Aspyn Hikida of Greeley West

3rd Place - Jada Schlothauer of Gering

4th Place - Mollie McCrea of Berthoud


1st Place - Karlee Lumpkins of Rawlins

2nd Place - Addison Thomas of Kelly Walsh

3rd Place - Kimmie Ledford of Laramie

4th Place - Ryleigh Winn of Berthoud


1st Place - Elizabeth Grube of Cheyenne East

2nd Place - Addie Davidson of Berthoud

3rd Place - Kloey Walker of Rawlins

4th Place - Chloe Dallman-Janski of Kelly Walsh


1st Place - Brinley Green of Rawlins

2nd Place - Abi Speer of Berthoud

3rd Place - Aiyanna Nuanes of Greeley West

4th Place - Jayden McDaniel of Wheatland


1st Place - Josie Houk of Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast

2nd Place - Addy Schilling of Cheyenne East

3rd Place - Alyse Richardson of Kelly Walsh

4th Place - Andee Dory of Laramie


1st Place - Arianna Canseco of Gering

2nd Place - Gianna Alirez of Greeley West

3rd Place - Skylee Gangwish of Kelly Walsh

4th Place - Kinzley Nusbaum of Burns/Pine Bluffs


1st Place - Meadow King of Central

2nd Place - CharlieMarie Jackson of Burns/Pine Bluffs

3rd Place - Faith Torres of Greeley West

4th Place - Viviana Torrejon of Liberty Common


1st Place - Kaelyn Ronnau of Cheyenne East

2nd Place - Abbagail Dickerson of Kelly Walsh

3rd Place - Morgan Murray of Central

4th Place - Aya Klaibou of Laramie


1st Place - Dora Dickinson of Greeley West

2nd Place - Zoey Jennings of Gering

3rd Place - Rihana Tillman of Burns/Pine Bluffs

4th Place - Joslyn Hockenberger of South


1st Place - Olivia Smith of Kelly Walsh

2nd Place - Mercedes Thrash of Scottsbluff

3rd Place - Ava Zellmer of Laramie

4th Place - Vivianna Zamora of Laramie


1st Place - Maggie Smith of Rock Springs

2nd Place - Cerelia Barrios of Gering

3rd Place - Gracin Goff of Cheyenne East


1st Place - Breanna Johansen of Liberty Common

2nd Place - Paulina Cruz of Greeley West