Battle In The Blizzard 2 gives baseball players chance to improve in the winter

Published: Dec. 21, 2022 at 10:45 AM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - During the winter months, baseball players in the state can struggle to find ways to improve in the off-season. The Factory in Cheyenne has found a way around that.

The solution is called Battle in the Blizzard.

The week before Christmas, The Factory is hosting some of their typical trainees for a tournament. By simulating 9 innings worth of at bats, Braxton and Jerry Inniss have noticed improvements in the event over the last half decade.

“We had a bunch of kids about four or five years ago, and they were just struggling on getting their training and applying it to the games. So, we were like ‘oh, let’s just do games earlier or in the winter.’ So we put them on teams and we have them compete and just apply what we’ve been doing in our training,” said Braxton Inniss.

There are nearly 100 total boys participants involved in the week-long festivities. Players have the opportunity to win awards, both individually and as a team. The games have a large focus on having fun and getting better, but competition is an aspect that’s hard to ignore.

“It’s high stakes. They wanna win batting gloves, it’s for bragging rights, they all go to school together, they play together. It’s to see who’s the best and who’s come furthest in their training,” said Braxton.

Monday through Thursday of this week is pool play, and Friday’s tournament will decide who takes the top prize from the Battle in the Blizzard.