Lawmakers look at taxes, annexation and more on Tuesday

Updated: Feb. 14, 2023 at 7:04 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - As legislators move into the 6th week of the 67th legislative session lawmakers looked at taxes and annexations.

The property tax exemption for the elderly and infirm bill passed the House Revenue committee Tuesday.

This bill would amend the Wyoming Constitution and allow folks that are infirm or on fixed incomes to stay in their homes.

”So we have to be really careful though because minerals pays for most of the property taxes, how that all works we gotta find the right you know what I call the right goldie locks just right solution that will benefit people who truly need it,” said Rep. Steve Harshman, Chairman of the House Revenue Committee- H.D. 37.

Next, the Senate Corporation Committee looked at the annexation notice and annexation vote bill, which would require notice and written consent by landowners for annexation.

The written consent bill failed 2 to 3 due to redundancies already in the statutes but the notice bill passed.

”Its a delicate balance because people don’t want to be brought into the city against their will but there are sometimes when you have to figure out when its better for a city to grow or not,” said Sen. Cale Case Chairman of Senate Corporations, S.D. 25.

Finally, the Senate Appropriations Committee looked at education and budgeting for its future.

The School Foundation Program Reserve Account-Investments bill looked at allocating $350M through the school foundation reserve accounts and for external cost adjustments.

This bill would pay for the programs, payrolls and function of the classroom while remaining focused on savings.

”We’ll be saving over a billion dollars both in permanent funds and in reserve accounts for the people of wyoming recognizing that we have to withstand these volatile market times and we intent to do that and stay strong economically,” said Sen. Tara Nethercott S.D. 4.